Simodont by Nissin



Statement on Neutrality, Sponsorship, and Academic Integrity

At VR-Haptic Thinkers, we are dedicated to maintaining neutrality and upholding academic integrity within our consortium. We do not directly endorse any manufacturer and strive to remain impartial in our dealings. We understand the importance of distinguishing ourselves as a platform focused on academic collaboration, separate from commercial interests. Our commitment to neutrality ensures that our members can trust in the integrity of our initiatives. Regardless of sponsorship, we extend an invitation to all researchers who have published scientific work using equipment from any manufacturer. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where scientific contributions are valued without bias. It's important to note that sponsorship income, primarily from meeting sponsors, is utilized within our university (University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Health Sciences and host universities) project system solely to cover the direct costs of our meetings. This ensures the sustainability of our platform and allows us to continue serving the educational community. Thank you for being a part of our initiative dedicated to advancing knowledge and collaboration while upholding academic standards.