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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, University of Utah


Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to welcome you this year to our hybrid, free-to-join 2024 VR-Haptic Thinkers Meetup -to be held at University of Utah,  Health Sciences Education Building, Floor 2, Room HSEB 2600.. We would like to extend an invitation to each of you, who work in the dental education field in varied capacities, to attend our one-day meetup. We wish to believe that there are many tangible benefits that each of us who attend the VR-Haptic Thinkers meetup will gain and utilizing these would aid us in performing our daily responsibilities in education and dental research. Salt Lake City is nestled in the western part of USA and lies within a region that is truly magical, packed with epic vistas and stunning natural beauty. Awe-inspiring outdoor adventures await the so-inclined attendees of the next VR-Haptic Thinkers Meetup, coupled with an abundance of potential cultural activities.

The meetup has been given the theme of “VR-Haptic Dentistry, Pedagogy, and Curriculum Evolution”. We believe this theme is very timely as in recent years we’ve all faced many challenges in education and research and have had to deal with rapid changes in supportive VR-haptic education. The free-to-join, hybrid VR-Haptic Meetup features a robust program to engage with other dental community members who are curious about the new winds in dental education. The need for such collaborative networks was well-demonstrated and relied on in the previous VR-Haptic Meetup held in Kuopio, Finland. Join us to learn, develop professionally, meet colleagues, and celebrate the supportive power of VR-haptic training! This will be a milestone of a year, full of decisive elections and events around the world, such as the presidential elections in USA and the Olympics. Therefore, we will work hard so that the VR-Haptic Meetup will stay bright in the minds of the people!

Join Zoom Meeting: https://utah.zoom.us/j/96791409162

Speakers and Talks

We're looking forward to sharing, learning, and collaborating with you all! 


Computer, smartphone or tablet? Find out which VR-Haptic protocol use the most for preclinical and clinical execrcises. Why to use one or another? Which VR-Haptic module is correct for your business? Find the answer to all this questions and more during the OPEN TABLE DISCUSSION. Besides it will provide you general  data with the essential information to achieve success.

The Center of the Magical, American West.

We're excited to be hosting the 2024 VR-Haptic Thinkers Meetup at the heart of the Mountain West USA: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Astonishing Landscapes

Absolutely Amazing, Stunningly Stupendous, Fantastically Flabbergasting!


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