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  • 9:00 (GMT - 8.00) Welcome

  • Opening remarks by the 100th president of IADR, Dr. Klein

  • 9:20 - 12:05 Morning Session

  • 13:00-17:30 Afternoon Session

  • Closing remarks by the Chief of Innovation ADEA, Dr. Gülsün


Once a group of friends jamming in the Middle of (K)nowhere, Kuopio, at University of Eastern Finland,  our story is a whirlwind of passion and perseverance. We honed our VR-Haptic Mission countless late-night sessions, and soon, goals on VR-Haptic reinforced Dental Educations found its way to local gigs of dental educators.  As word spread, we went from a small venue to headlining Health Sciences Education Building of University of Utah, spreading our dream and networking worldwide.

15+ talks

Our meetup is hybrid and with over 10+  top notch speakers, we're rocking across the globe. Stay tuned for our upcoming show on 7 June starting 9:00 (GMT - 8.00 at Health Sciences Education Building, Floor 2, Room HSEB 2600, University of UTAH, Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA.

Speakers from all around the world

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